Misconceptions About Massage

Massage has been practiced as a therapeutic and healing modality for several years in numerous cultures around the globe. Some people are still unsure about massage even while the obvious proliferation of discount massage salons have made massage therapy ubiquitous and accessible to all. It really is my belief that having less equal hours in training and different laws regarding massage have spurned certain attitudes and misconceptions regarding therapeutic massage as a legitimate practice. Here are some common misconceptions regarding therapeutic massage that I’d like to get rid of for everyone.

Massage can be an expensive luxury service. Once you say massage, the image that most people conjure up is really a scene at an extravagance destination spa where people are waiting at your beck and call. This sort of imagery can make most people feel that massage is not within their reach financially. There is a massage for every cost range but remember, you get what you pay for.

Massage therapists are shady. It’s unfortunate that many people are doing other activities under the guise of massage. It creates it frustrating and a little insulting to those who are working hard to market the positive benefits of legitimate massage and then be grouped with those that are offering less than legitimate services under the heading of massage.

Massage isn’t a viable treatment for pain and injuries. Europe and Canada have long recognized massage because of its therapeutic quality as a stress reliever and for injury treatment. Worldwide, many countries practice a far more preventative approach to healthcare.

Massage will probably hurt. Massage should never hurt. If it hurts, the therapist is either not attending to or isn’t checking in. An excellent massage therapist is also an excellent communicator. If a therapist isn’t listening to you once you mention that something hurts, then end the massage right away. A massage is never supposed to be painful. A comfortable soreness is acceptable but pain isn’t.

Massage is going to tickle me. If a massage is tickling someone, the therapist is actually not using enough pressure. Should you be susceptible to being ticklish, let your therapist know so they can apply another quality of pressure.

If you think that everyone likes tapotement, you are kidding yourself. Seriously, if you’re using tapotement in every massage you do, it is time to break it up. tapotement is loud and stimulating. Quieter techniques are appreciated by those that need a massage for relaxation.

Governmental bodies that were late to regulating massage have caused therapists in those areas to be taken less seriously than the areas where massage is a regulated wellness practice for a long time. In the United States you’ll find a big gap in the hours of training and license requirements. This is unfortunate for massage therapists when attempting to move their license to another state.

All massage therapists are vegetarian, into new age and worship crystals! I usually laugh when people ask me these exact things. It’s amazing how quickly people make judgments on lifestyle preferences predicated on an occupation. There are lots of massage therapists that are vegetarian, new age and have confidence in crystals and that’s cool. do not assume we all belong to that club. Incidentally, I do believe that crystals are beautiful to enjoy.

The massage therapist will judge my body. I have yet to meet a massage therapist who is judgmental on someone’s body. Over time I’ve been asked the annoying question, “So how exactly does my body rate from the scale of 1-10?” deweyshouse.com Seriously, I tell clients that I’m looking for limited flexibility and compensation in the body. That will usually get them off that topic. It is possible to come up with your own clever response to that type of questioning!

So there you have it folks, a few of the misconceptions about massage therapy as a profession and massage therapists in general. I’m sure you’ve heard others. It’s important to show the world the experts that we are so we are able to spread the positive messages about therapeutic massage as a positive addition to a wholesome lifestyle.