What Type Of Engagement Ring Is Best To Buy?

An engagement ring in the ring finger of the left hand creates an instant heart-to-heart connection between the couple, and for this reason, engagement rings have always held a special place in our hearts. Now let’s discover various engagement ring styles which will make everyone stand in awe of your choice.

  1. Diamond Solitaire:How can you not fall in love with the classic solitaire engagement rings? These rings not only exude opulence but are a signature statement for many. Buying a solitaire engagement ring for your wife is one of the best ways to make her feel like a queen on your special day.The subtleness and grace commanded by solitaire engagementrings have ruled the world of engagement rings since times immemorial,and this trend is here to stay for ages to come. While selecting the solitaireengagementring keep the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight) in mind. You can choose either princess cut diamond or the classic round diamond if you want to go the conventional way. However, you can choose a heart-shaped diamond for the solitaireengagement ring to express your feelings.
  2. Pave settings: Pave engagement rings are yet other absolute classics that are the epitome of grace and excellence.The continuous sparkles of the pave engagement rings make these a perfect buy for those who want to add more meaning to brilliance and glimmer. The entire surface of the ring is covered in diamonds and you can select any gemstone for the pave engagement ring, though diamonds happen to look the best.
  3. Three stone rings:Bostonian or three stone rings are a magnificent way to show your love and feelings for your beloved. The typical three-stone ring design has a large diamond in the centre and two smaller stones one on each of its sides. However, in modern designs the size of the small stones is same as that of the centre oneand this adds to the uniformity and appeal of the lovely ensemble.Princess cut diamonds are the perfect choice for three-stone rings, and you can pick rubies or sapphires for the side stones.
  4. Halo rings: To uplift the centre stone in your ring, opt for this style of engagement ring which looks brilliant and scintillating.The centre stone is circled with several pave diamonds and this setting alleviates the charisma of the ring.Though princess and round cut diamonds have always added to the unmatched aesthetics of Halo rings, cushion and oval shape diamonds are also a good choice in this kind of setting. Since the small diamonds encircling the centre stone radiate sparkle from every angle in the Halo rings, this engagement ring style is gaining prominence amongst the young generation. You can choose double halodesigns as well, which exude pretty profile views.
  5. Bezel setting: The bezel setting suits the modern woman for all the practical reasons. Since the stone in closelysnuggled in a rim of platinum or gold, you can be assured of the safety of the ring.You can choose between partial or full bezel depending on the kind of setting you to need or the kind of lifestyle your wife leads. If she has an active lifestyle,opt for a complete bezel setting; otherwise,a partial bezel will also suffice your purpose.

While buying the engagement rings Sydney, you will not settle for anything that comes your way. Extensive research on the different kinds of rings will help you in cracking the best deal. Talk to us, and we will help you shortlist the best ring as per your style and requirements.